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Payment And Collection

Slow payment or nonpayment is one of the most common issues in California construction disputes. Last, Faoro & Whitehorn A Professional Law Corporation is a San Mateo, California-based construction law firm focused on helping owners, developers, design professionals, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers handle their construction receivables matters.

What Remedies Do You Have In California?

Our attorneys at Last, Faoro & Whitehorn A Professional Law Corporation have significant experience handing a range of collection matters ranging from an owner’s failure to pay a general contractor for work and materials to complex payment disputes involving numerous parties in private and government construction contracts.

California law provides a number of remedies to contractors to resolve construction payment disputes. Among the tools available to for collecting payment on construction projects are stop notices, bond remedies and mechanics liens, which are protected by the California Constitution.

However, strict procedures are in place to prevent the abuse of these remedies. Our lawyers have significant experience prosecuting and defending our clients’ interests in nonpayment matters related to California construction disputes. In addition, they understand how to enforce prompt payment statutory penalties that help protect the financial investments that our clients have made in construction projects.

Get The Legal Help You Need

Please contact the California construction lawyers at Last, Faoro & Whitehorn A Professional Law Corporation regarding any payment or collection matter related to any private or municipal construction project. Our lawyers can be reached by calling 650-696-8350 or filling out the contact form.