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2008 Update SB 1691: The Mechanics Lien Law That Is Before the Legislature

by | May 8, 2008 | Mechanics Liens, Stop Notices And Payment Bonds

Over the past several years, the California Law Review Commission has been reviewing the existing mechanics lien laws and considering changes to those laws. Proposed changes to the existing mechanics lien laws will affect both public and private mechanics liens, stop notices, and payment bonds. The bill includes substantive and nonsubstantive changes to the existing laws.. As part of the California Law Review Commission process, the Commission received comments from members of the construction industry.

During February of 2008, Senate Bill 1691 was introduced. The bill is currently undergoing review by the California Senate. California Law Review Commission 2008-11 (April 2008) memorandum indicates that due to the large size of the bill and the various construction industry members who could be affected by the bill it is doubtful that all their proposed changes will be enact in one legislative session. The Commission is suggesting that the substantive aspects of the legislation be deferred until next year