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Real Estate Partnership Dissolution

Resolving Family Owned and Partnership Real Estate Disputes in San Mateo

Bringing experience, knowledge and insight into resolving fractionalized residential or commercial issues or interests.

Dissolving a real estate partnership or LLC is a complex aspect of real estate law and requires the type of experience Last & Faoro can provide. Family members looking to end a longtime real estate association can rely on us for our knowledge of real estate partition law and our attention to detail in pursuing or defending these matters.

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Representing Families in Real Estate Partition Actions

At the law offices of Last & Faoro, we have helped many families resolve numerous disputes involving accounting; breach of fiduciary duties; management; control; and, dissolution, all relating to inherited fractionally owned commercial and residential properties. In resolving disputes amongst family members on co-owned family properties, we attempt to understand the situation and implement solutions that work for all owners concerned.

Holding Family Members and Partners Accountable for Breaches of Fiduciary Duties.

We have handled significant cases where questions arose concerning the use and accounting of family assets to the detriment of other family members. We have successfully pursued accounting claims and breach of fiduciary claims for the benefit of our clients, while being sensitive to the fact that the claim involves family.

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