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Real Estate and Construction Contracts

Real Estate and Construction Contracts – Drafting, Review and Interpretation

San Mateo Real Estate and Construction Contract Lawyers

Bringing experience, knowledge and insight into helping prevent residential and commercial real estate and construction disputes.

Real estate and construction contracts are unique. That is why when you need comprehensive drafting and review of real estate and construction contracts, you should turn to an attorney who knows the area of law and can help ensure the process runs smoothly and who can efficiently resolve any dispute that arises.

At Last & Faoro, we are here to help people and businesses throughout San Mateo, the Bay Area and throughout the state of California. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a piece of land, lease an apartment or figure out what to do with property from an inheritance, we can help you understand the benefits and consequences of every transaction and the real estate contracts that are needed to complete the deal.

Contact a real estate attorney at Last & Faoro at (650) 696-8350 today for help with any kind of residential or commercial real estate form.

Comprehensive Commercial and Residential Real Estate Contract Assistance

No matter what type of real estate contract you have questions about, we are here to help explain your contractual obligations and help you make an informed decision before you sign the contract. We are here to help explain and negotiate the best possible terms and address problem terms in purchase agreement, rental agreement or lease agreement.

Our attorneys have experience helping contractors and subcontractors who are trying to run a business make sure their home improvement contracts comply with California law. Likewise, homeowners undertaking remodels and repairs retain us to interpret and craft home improvement contracts as required under California Law.

Helping Families With Inherited Real Estate Investments

We routinely counsel individuals and families who have inherited property or a business venture figure out what they would like to do with their fractional interest investment. We also assist individuals and families work out their differences, assessing the goals of each interested party for various real estate inheritances from restaurants, commercial building investment properties, and single-family homes. If the heirs cannot continue to mutually operate the legacy left to them, we can help facilitate a smooth transition by crafting buy-outs among family members, who no longer want to participate in the fractionally owned investment.

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