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Construction Transactions

Helping Contractors, Subcontractors and Property Owners Draft Effective Construction Contracts and Resolve Construction Disputes

Bringing experience, knowledge and insight into resolving residential and commercial construction problems.

If you are a contractor, you need contractual protection on all your projects. Your business could be at stake if a lawsuit or a claim reveals that your construction company is not run within the guidelines imposed of the California Contractor’s Licensing Board. We provide guidance to many contractors so that they may be sure that their contracts comply within these standards.

Contact Last & Faoro for assistance with a residential and commercial construction agreements or construction disputes.

Reputation for Experience and Success

The real estate and construction attorneys at Last & Faoro have helped contractors and property owners negotiate, draft, interpret and litigate construction contracts throughout various stages of construction projects. Our understanding of construction practices has allowed us to pursue and defend construction defect claims, collection/payment claims, and delay claims, through mediation, arbitration and traditional litigation.

A property owner may be refusing payment for work a contractor has done. A property owner may perceive something to be a construction defect. We have assisted property owners, general contractors and subcontractors alike to resolve these types of situations, through negotiations, mediations, arbitrations, and in trial when necessary.

Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

In all construction projects, we can help you develop a contract that represents your interests. With our knowledge of real estate and construction law, coupled with our attention to detail, we will draft documents that can protect you if a claim arises.

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