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Buyer-Seller Disputes

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Even with the most detailed documentation, heated real estate disputes can result between a buyer and seller during and following a transaction. At Last & Faoro, we strive to resolve disagreements through voluntary negotiations or mediation. However, when the circumstances dictate, our trial experience enables us to pursue or defend claims for our clients in arbitration or in court for all types of buyer seller disputes.

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Unknown Circumstances, Real Estate Misrepresentations and Breaches of Contract

Even the most thorough contract and cooperative transaction cannot prevent some real estate disputes from occurring. We have assisted buyers and sellers in a variety of circumstances both during the transaction or after the deal has closed.

Resolving Real Estate Disputes Through Negotiation

At Last & Faoro, we believe that there are practical business solutions to most real estate law disputes. We strive to settle disputes through negotiation or mediation. However, these methods are only as effective as the opposing side’s willingness to come to the table and negotiate in good faith.

Litigating Buyer Seller Disputes

When negotiations cannot resolve an impasse over a real estate dispute, we explore all avenues, including arbitration and traditional litigation. The real estate attorneys at Last & Faoro are aggressive and unwavering in representing their clients during contentious real estate litigation.

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