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Boundary Disputes/Adjoining Landowners

San Mateo Real Estate Easement Attorney

Resolving Real Estate Disputes between Adjoining Landowners

Bringing experience, knowledge and insight into resolving residential and commercial real estate disputes.

Public and private nuisances, real estate easement disputes, adverse drainage claims and landslides can result in litigation and cause once friendly neighbors to become bitter enemies. At Last & Faoro, we have helped to informally resolve and have litigated numerous disputes between adjoining landowners.

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Practical Solutions for Adjoining Landowners

Sharing a property line can result in contentious relationships between adjoining landowners. Disputes over matters such as drainage can become contentious and disruptive to home or business life. At Last & Faoro, we attempt to find quick and practical solutions for our clients.

Disputes Involving Real Estate Easements

Real estate easements are often fodder for disputes between landowners. Our experience and knowledge of real estate law allows us to conduct a detailed easement analysis when an issue arises between property owners. Our goal is to provide an early and satisfactory resolution of all real estate disputes.

Often, landowners unwittingly allow a small part of their land be used by a neighbor without complaint. When that supposed “use” of that property is discovered, a dispute ensues. Cases involving easement by prescription and adverse possession require the services of an experienced real estate attorney. We can help negotiate, mediate, or, if necessary, litigate the resolution of these types of disputes.

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