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Bringing experience, knowledge and insight into resolving your residential and commercial real estate disputes.

Attorneys need more than experience and knowledge, they need to apply their experience and knowledge to achieve practical solutions. At the law offices of Last & Faoro in San Mateo, California, we have resolved numerous real estate issues throughout Northern California between adjoining landowners; landlords and tenants; buyers and sellers; partners; LLC managers and members; business entities and property owners and contractors.

Contact a real estate attorney at Last & Faoro at (650) 696-8350 for counsel regarding any residential or commercial real estate transaction or dispute.

Resolution for Your Real Estate Dispute

Last & Faoro was established to help clients resolve their real estate disputes in a cost effective manner and we are advocates of negotiation and mediation. However, when necessary, we are able to pursue arbitration or traditional litigation. Because 90% plus of all disagreements are resolved without ever seeing a courtroom, the attorneys of Last & Faoro consistently explore ways to resolve matters in a cost-effective manner.

During all stages of a dispute, our attorneys listen to all positions and guide our clients on the best path to resolving their issues. In court, we are unwavering in our diligent advocacy for our clients.

From Disputed Transactions to Business Formation Matters

If you are in need of help with a real estate transaction or are involved in a dispute with seemingly no resolution, schedule an appointment with our firm. We help our clients with everything from purchase and sale agreements to the formation of business entities. We bring knowledge, dedication and service to our clients, helping them achieve the best resolution possible to their real estate and construction problems.

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