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Assisting  Professionals & Individuals in the Real Estate Field For Over 20 years


San Mateo, California, Real Estate Law Attorney

California Lawyers Providing Practical Business Solutions to Resolve Real Estate and Construction Issues

Bringing experience, knowledge and insight into addressing your residential and commercial real estate needs.

When faced with complex and contentious real estate matters, you want an attorney who will identify the issues and implement practical business solutions. Last & Faoro have provided insight and knowledge of the law for clients in San Mateo County, the Bay Area and throughout the state of California.

Contact a real estate attorney at Last & Faoro at (650) 696-8350 for legal counsel concerning a residential or commercial real estate transaction or dispute.

Finding Resolution for Your Real Estate Disputes

Practical business solutions can resolve the majority of real estate disputes. Our broad range of experience has enabled us to resolve disputes concerning: adverse neighbor drainage claims, boundary disputes, landlord tenant issues, complex partition and buyout of fractional interests, enforcement of easement rights, adverse possession claims, breach of purchase and sale agreements and construction defect lawsuits, to name a few.

Our attorneys can assist you with their extensive experience coupled with a thorough knowledge of real estate law. Our extensive experience has allowed us to help property owners and contractors in numerous situations.

  • We work to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers, partners, landlords and tenants as well as adjoining landowners on the most favorable terms for our clients.
  • Buyers and sellers come to us to help create purchase and sale agreements as well as resolving disputes over these types of agreements.
  • Dissolving real estate partnerships or Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) can become complex and can involve sensitive issues between family members or long time business partners. We have experience in resolving these disputes as well as effectively dissolving these types of business ventures.
  • Contractors, seeking the assistance of a seasoned attorney, retain Last & Faoro to pursue claims for monies owned, to develop code compliant contracts, and to resolve disputes with property owners.

Aggressive and Persistent Real Estate Law Advocates

We advocate resolution through negotiation or mediation when possible. However, when necessary, our litigation experience permits us to represent our clients through arbitration or the traditional court system. For our clients, we are aggressive and persistent in advocating for them and protecting their rights, exploring all options to obtain a favorable result, and satisfy their real estate or construction legal representation needs.

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